Monday, April 12, 2010

West 18th Street Fashion Show!

For the fourth year now, I have the esteemed pleasure of being a jewelry designer for the 18th Street Fashion Show, which is held in the art hub of Kansas City, the Crossroads District. On Saturday June 12th at dusk, the most grand collection of diverse yet similarly influenced designs will take a 100 ft. runway by storm. Every summer they unveil a new "theme" as to which particpating designers must create an entirely new collection specifically for the event. This years concept was proposed as "Be bold; be brave; be excellent; and collect your inspiration from romantic elegance, drama, classic luxury and Edward Steichen"

I can without a doubt say that this will be the most glorious show they have put on and the biggest acheivement of my creative career thus far. I collaborate every year with Jovana Mirable, who is one of the most inspiring and ambitious fashion designers I have ever met. She creates a outfit collection to which I match with a custom jewelry set for each model. It takes intense work with faith based communication, as she has been living in New York while attending Parsons School of Design for the past three years. We mesh so well togethere that I am sure someday there will be a fashion house that we both start from the ground up.

Making jewelry is my secret love, to which I owe a decade of devotion so this summer will contain the finest pieces I have ever created. The event is free and family friendly, with more creative moments and visual stimuli than anywhere else in the Midwest. I hope you find the time to attend this years event for it is truly something you will not want to miss. Details of my designs and sneak peaks will follow soon.

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  1. That sounds great!
    I also love all about fashion and costume design. I´m intrigued by that "be bold..." concept: can´t wait to see your work! -at least in photos- u_u

    And congratulations on the blog, It´s very interesting and full of talent!