Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So another addition to the South American escapade photo montage: Ecuador! We spent the least amount of time in this country out of the three, but it was just as eventful. With major cityscapes that reminded me of San Francisco jutting up against wide open valleys, we saw every type of cultural demographic there is to be seen. Of course as tourists we rode in giant buses that hilariously resembled mechanical catepillars, in my opinion. Open markets in city parks, winding roads up to hilltop views, western Applebees styled restaurants and a busy nightlife unlike any we experienced elsewhere; this country offered it all and pulled us in. Enjoy these small tid bits of the views I was blessed with.

Street murals where kind of far and few between, but the ones that were seen had epic size and narratives to make up for the lack of quantity.

Many beautiful cathedrals were on a specific part of the tour, offering us a chance to see an in depth representaion of the European influence from early conquistadors. Grandiose in size with great pride from each district going straight into the care of each site.

Underneath the cathedral seen above there was an ancient catacombs which was filled with coffin spaces that were only allowed to rented for five years at a time. Chambers of 5X5 boxes, with detailed front pieces which had plastic religious ephmera, portraits of the deceased, poems and money. Spookiest part was an addition to the end of one hallway which was wall to wall with coffin spaces for children.

With some architecture and city layout dating back to almost the 16th century, the roads between them werenarrow and tall. This forces the population to share limited space with cars and vendors, making a fast paced stream of activity barrel through at all hours of the day.

Truly the most beautiful church I have entered. Varied historical artistic styles have been used throught out its lofty rooms during the course of its existence. Gold filigree highlighted large and beautifully epic structural work and statues and the patterns around them.

Best street artist robot man I have ever seen.

Statue to commemorate the Ecuadorian victory in gaining freedom from Chili.

Skull of jaguar. That is all.

The South American International equator line momnument which is only 5 miles away the site where the Mayans believed it was. Very strange theme park like place with shrunken heads, taxidermy animals and science experiments to conduct while standing on the line, showing the gravitational neutral zone that is created by the two different hemispheres.

Simple city street typical for one of the smaller towns on the outer rims of the many valleys.

Inner city traffic circle showing the truly modern extent of their architecture evolution and appreciation.

Concret frame structure over doorwary peaks that graced the store fronts of small vendors along the edge of grand cathedral.

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