Friday, April 9, 2010

South America Trip Study Abroad: Introduction and Amazon Photos

Through my alma mater the Kansas City Art Insitute, which I graduated last fall, I was able to take a very exciting once in a lifetime trip the countries of Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagoes Islands in a study abroad trip. It took place over the course of 23 days which included challenges that stretched far beyond my expectations. Challenging, exhausting, eye opening and forever changing the way I interact with the world, it is an experience that will stay with me as some of the most memorable moments of my young adult life.

This was not only a chance to see the amazing cultures and sites of these countries but also allowed me to gain college credit in a photography course, culminating into a photo expose book. I published this through a website program on which I believe to be the best source for amateur and professional book creating for anyone who wishes to self publish their written and or art filled bound creations. It is free domain in which they provide a downloadble program filled with templates, examples and tips on how to make the book of your dreams. Publishing is very affordable on the small scale compared to other sites that I researched while comparing the options avaliable, and the range in sizing, cover binding and layouts avaliable is unbeatable. You can create at your own pace and edit countless times and ways, allowing you to really develop a consise perfect version of what you have in mind. After finshing the design of your book, you can send the files to their website and order it in minutes. Producition and shipping is fast with a trackable calender to show you what steps they are in while making the product. They also encourage you to post your book online in their website shop, which has many categories of other writers and artists creations. This is a beatiful painfree way to sell the it, taking care of the assumed hassles of sending off your story to publishing houses and waiting for it be picked up or regected. I would recommend this site profoundly as they made this experience almost as enjoyable as the trip itself.

Daily writing in my notebooks chroniciled the adventure, which I hope someday I will turn into a travel journal to share a more in depth view of my journey. I captured every moment I possibly could, filling two memory cards with over 4,ooo pictures. Narrowing down these beautiful images to fit into my photobook was the hardest part really, as I wanted to use every single one them.

I will post more about this subject of course at a later date, but for now I thought it would be nice to share my favorite moments from our visit to the Amazon. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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