Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Personal Adornment

A couple of years ago I started to create jewelry and accessories for myself. This lead to a full time hobby that over takes my free time, any of the time. I have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in many fashion shows; creating pieces to match a designers collections. While I could never see myself as an actual clothing designer, though I have created some outfits for school and personal challenge, it's the details within a piece, or the items paired with a dress that really draw me in. These are the moments of beauty which I see myself focusing on. It rings true in my studio practice also, with the devil always being in the details. This is where I get lost and find my salvation all in one single centimeter. Something that holds very true throughout all the items I create and withing my artwork, I tend to focus on highlighting reused/recycled/vintage/salvaged materials. Each one of these pieces is one of a kind, most with beads, charms, findings and elements being one of a kind or in very few quantity.It's in combining the old with the new that I find so valuable and useful and understated. So here are examples of what I do to create objects of adornment. enjoy

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